Living with Joy

Being Happy

Being Confident

Freedom from Suffering Living in Abundance

Enabling you to create a life the way you want, using a structured intervention, at your own convenience

Our History

A group of dedicated psychologists established Inner Self Integration Worldwide as a company with the mission to create a world where people are truly happy and live a meaningful life.

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Organisation Overview

Inner Self Integration Worldwide is an international training and development organisation promoting individual growth and effectiveness committed to the fundamental

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Inner Self Integration


Peace is a basic nature of all existence and so it is for humans as well. But for humans, since its all in the mind, the experience of peace purely depends on the conditioning of the mind.

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What We Do

Our Services


A convenient video based structured step by step solution that will make you capable of dealing with the problem at hand. Very useful if you have time constraints


An experiential workshop where you get to learn in a group, thereby getting multiple views of your situation and you can choose the solution strategy most suitable to you

Personal Counselling

You get a chance to share your concerns to an expert and resolve your issues using a personlised problem solving approach


Inner Self Integration Meditation doesn’t focus on breathing, or concentrating or chanting, and instead, it is a very simple, natural technique that allows you to settle into a state of relaxation. You achieve a state of inner peace instanteously. Inner Self Integration is requires almost zero effortand it is relatively quicker to learn and very easy to master without requiring to wait for weeks or months. It is more of a knack which you acquire within few minutes and you are able to see all overwhelming thoughts disappear right away.

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