Happy Relationships


Get solution to every problem in your marriage 

Get instant help to learn ways to bring happiness and friendship in your marriage

Learn ways to forget the hurt of the past

Learn to stop arguments & fights

Bring peace and harmony

Learn to communicate properly


You get access to therapeutic videos specific to your requirement, at any time sitting at your home. This is a home study course which is very appropriate to your busy schedules.   


You get a chance to get your concerns resolved by the experts in a affordable way. This could get possible because of technology. The video courses enabled us to bring down the cost of learning for you.


After when you have watched the videos, you get an option of receiving specialised consultation over phone or video conference. You get a chance to find out answers to specific queries that you may have during the course.


Counselling is expensive and most people mention that the effect of the highly priced service of the counsellors diminishes with time. Because you get the learning in the form of videos, you can watch them at anytime whenever you feel that the relapse is happening. 


Since everything is completely online i.e. few videos and telephonic consultation, you get the benefit of keeping your identity completely anonymous.    


You do not need to visit the therapist. You get the advantage of sharing your concern in your own private space. Our consultants will help you resolve your issues in your own way and at your own pace.


If you are SINGLE and ready to mingle?

If you are DATING and doubting whether to go ahead or not ?

If you are MARRIED and want to transform the quality of love, communication and problem solving ?


You get  6 Videos followed by the discussion over phone or video conferencing. It works well for people who have time constraints or difficulty in travelling to the location. 

The 6 videos will cover the following topics -

1. Right Concept of Love
2. Creating Love
3. Preparing to resolve issues
4. Connection Talk
5. Dealing with in-laws
6. Being Intimate


Instructions based program designed to confirm, strengthen, or restore love in your relationship.

Beneficial for couples of every age and ability.

Life has changed in the last decades a lot in comparison to it the way it was a 50 years ago. Almost all of us are clueless about how to make relationships work. Also we are unaware about the dynamics of relationships.

You will learn -

The success mantra to find the right partner
The proven way to create connection with your partner
The skill to relate and get all the love from your partner
The way to improve level of intimacy with your partner

What's behind our success

Through this program you will run through a series of action based lectures which affect the way you communicate. You will learn the techniques that are needed to increase love and intimacy with your partner. You get problem solving tools. These sessions have helped thousands of people around the nation. And definitely this can work for you as well Along with learning directly from the trained Inner Self Integration instructor you will take home a set of tools and tips to support your relationship in your everyday.

The curriculum is developed after years of research. It is the result of the learning from personally understanding and resolving real life relationship problems as narrated by more than 3,000 couples.

Who should buy

Inner Self Integration for HAPPY RELATIONSHIPS course is designed for couples in a committed relationship. Also if you already have a strong relationship, the course provides you with deeper insights and tools to increase intimacy, friendship, and trust. If your relationship in tough times, course provides you with a greater understanding of reasons behind the disconnect in your relationship and helps you develop a strategy for rebuilding the love. Of course your identity and all that you share will be kept completely confidential.


Topics include:
» Part 1 : Being a team at a much higher level
» Part 2 : Learn to recognise the behaviours that make a relationship dysfunctional
» Part 3 : Identifying and embracing the strengths in your relationship
» Part 4 : Creating a culture of acknowledgement and expressing affection.
» Part 5 : Learning to solve problems


As a course graduate, you are eligible for a lifetime assistance on the technique, offered at any Inner Self Integration Technique Centre. You are also eligible for personal guidance on your practice, advanced lectures, special events and group practices.

Happy Relationships in English DOWNLOAD VERSION

DOWNLOAD VERSION Course comprises of two downloadable videos & optional telephonic 30 mins doubt clearing session. The first consultation i..

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Happy Relationships in Hindi DOWNLOAD VERSION

DOWNLOAD VERSION Course comprises of two downloadable videos & optional telephonic 30 mins doubt clearing session. The first consultation i..

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Specialised consultations provide you with a strategy designed especially FOR YOU to help you achieve the results that you want.

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No longer worry about having the right environment for therapy. You can feel like home here.

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We take the most effective route to bring the results always considering your time as precious.

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