About The founder

Kamal is a modern spiritual mentor who was born in New Delhi India and has received education in diverse fields like - electronics & telecommunication, management and psychology. At the age of 25, a profound inner transformation totally changed the direction of his life. The next few years went in enquiring, understanding and enhancing the transformation, that marked the beginning of the discovery of the Inner Self (as Kamal calls it). Later, he began to work with individuals as practicing psychologist and addressed groups as a modern spiritual mentor.

Kamal’s deep yet very easy teachings have already helped thousands of people throughout nationally and internationally find a sense of full living. The basic premise of Kamal’s teachings is connection with the inner self that prepares people to live free and in abundance. This integration of one with inner self not only marks a state of unimpactedness but also makes them capable of dealing with challenges at hand (if any).

Kamal is a invited as a public speaker and delivers lectures. His lectures and quotes are available in CDs and DVDs. Kamal likes using social media to share the wisdom that he has gained. His knowledge is also shared free of charge in his talks, articles and videos. He likes to answer questions from those who are genuinely seeking the answers.  

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