Inner Self Integration Course


The course comes in two modes that you can choose from 

Workshop or E-course

How to create balance in life

How to build Life of choice

How to live an easy and contented life

How to remain calm in the middle of challenges

How to stop blaming self

How to live with peace & balance

How to think positive


You get access to therapeutic videos specific to your requirement, at any time sitting at your home. This is a home study course which is very appropriate to your busy schedules.   


You get a chance to get your concerns resolved by the experts in a affordable way. This could get possible because of technology. The video courses enabled us to bring down the cost of learning for you.


After when you have watched the videos, you get an option of receiving specialised consultation over phone or video conference. You get a chance to find out answers to specific queries that you may have during the course.


Counselling is expensive and most people mention that the effect of the highly priced service of the counsellors diminishes with time. Because you get the learning in the form of videos, you can watch them at anytime whenever you feel that the relapse is happening. 


Since the course is completely online i.e. few videos and telephonic consultation, you get the benefit of keeping your identity completely anonymous.    


You do not need to visit the therapist. You get the advantage of sharing your concern in your own private space. Our consultants will help you resolve your issues in your own way and at your own pace.


E-course comprises of 5 Videos followed by the discussion over phone or video conferencing. E-course works well for people who have time constraints or difficulty in travelling to the location. Whereas workshops always come with an advantage of classroom training.


The Inner Self Integration Course workshop has 3 parts spread over one and a half days.

Part 1 : The Fundamental Premise Being the first part, the premise of the effectiveness of the technique is established.

Part 2 : The Technique : This part comprises delivery of the Inner Self Integration technique

Part 3 : Perfecting the Technique : This part verifies the correctness of the practice and imparts specific instructions to facilitate the change

Once you’ve completed The Inner Self Integration course workshop, you’ll have the intellectual and experiential knowledge to practice the technique effectively. You are eligible for very important weekly and monthly personal “follow-ups” to ensure that you’re practicing correctly and enjoying the full benefit. You can choose to select from the available dates of the follow up group meetings as per your convenience once every week. The follow up group meetings can be completed within the six month validity from the date of your Inner Self Integration Technique course

These sessions stabilize the correctness of your practice to ensure that you gain the full benefits. Even though these follow-up sessions are optional it is observed that but those who attend these meetings benefit many times more than those who don’t.

In addition to personal practice checking, you’ll have ongoing online access to certified Inner Self Integration instructors to answer questions or discuss your practice.

Inner Self Integration Course

Inner Self Integration Course..

₹ 2700
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Inner Self Integration Course in Hindi

Inner Self Integration Course in Hindi..

₹ 2700
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Inner Self Integration Course in Hindi

Inner Self Integration Course in Hindi..

₹ 2700
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Inner Self Integration Course in Hindi

Inner Self Integration Course in Hindi..

₹ 2700
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Inner Self Integration Course in Hindi

Inner Self Integration Course in Hindi..

₹ 2700
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